The age of the free massage, sock-puppet-run dotcoms and life on "The Campus" is over. This doesn't mean though that work cannot be challenging, engaging and enjoyable. Netage has always been a company with the firm understanding of the need to guide businesses to the best IT solutions for their purpose. This in itself is the greatest challenge and the most interesting aspect of our work.










Get to know your customers - without ever meeting them. Understand that they like books about sports cars or toys for two-year-olds - or both. Be the doting, wise and understanding shopkeeper to millions of people. With the right e-commerce tools, you can reach customers around the globe and lead them directly to the items they're looking for.












Setting up and running a successful software business system is fraught with challenges. Ensuring that you have the right tools from the start can make all the difference in a competitive marketplace. Netage is always careful to fully analyze your business objectives and practices before undertaking the process of designing and producing an application. By doing this we ensure that you're ready for the challenges to come and able to meet them head on.

Netage operates offices around the world and employs some of the industry's brightest talent. Our international team of business analysts, IT specialists and application designers and developers will not only provide you with superior custom-built e-business solutions but will share with you their extensive knowledge and experience. Experience that comes from working with companies both big and small; from Fortune 500 to struggling start-ups.

When you choose Netage to address your e-business issues you will benefit from our rigorous process. From the beginning we will keep you informed of our progress on your project through our client extranet. You will be able to monitor our findings, review new developments and pinpoint your requirements. Through this close contact we will be able to create a system that perfectly suits your business.


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